Alert! Are These Security Essentials Enabled in Your E-commerce Store?

security essentials in ecommerce store

Amidst tension for buying capabilities around the globe, rise in the e-commerce growth has sunken every other vertical extending human durable goods.


According to research presented by eMarketer , global retail market will reach up to $26 trillion in 2019. This will further fragmented as 4.5% market share that will show slight rise than previous years.


These numbers can be better understood with the stat image given below, thus displaying a strict concern related to type of security essentials which we mostly ignore or do not care much.

Total Retail Sales Worldwide, 2017-2023 (eMarketer)

When it comes to ecommerce, what thing that first comes to our mind? ‘Big-Fat Revenue Generation’ which can fulfill every prior investments like- website optimization, running ppc ads, social posting will able to groove up. Surely yes, but have any of you could able to sense out the seriousness of well-protective security at your website? May be not. 


We all go crazy with the hullabaloo of the ecommerce site without paying much heed to the security and safe sustainability of customer data. 


With the rise of cyber-attack, issues related to data breach, customer’s information stolen, online money transaction got intercepted, money lockout and much more. 


So, don’t risk your hard earned online business and keep it at stake, where cyber hacker keep a vigilant eye for any loop-hole provided by you. 


In this post, we will discuss how you can keep your online business safe and away from the clutches of hackers and taking away the authority to run a successful business. 


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Let’s get started

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your E-store Safe From Hackers​

Take special care on payment security

Have you ever wondered, ‘Why does only online business comes into the contact of hacker’s trap and get sliced with its consequences?’ The payment gateways which e commerce support provides them loop-holes and peep-in space through which they hamper the transaction channels of the businesses. 


But, nothing to worry, if you keep a vigilant eye over security essentials of you e-commerce store, then you can keep bay with such type of issues. As a solution, you can provide protection to your e-store with ‘Secure Badges’ of multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay and many others. 


Not only it will guarantee the payment security, it will also encourage satisfaction level among your customers. Additionally, it will also involve compliance with the payment card industry data security standard. 


Choose a secure host and upgrade it

When running an ecommerce business, it is your responsibility to keep your online business safe and sturdy. This may include-earlier transaction details and personal information of your customers which includes their contact details and banking details. 


To come-in the power of your competing market rivals, you should invest in one of the important security essentials like cloud host that permits to scale up or down on the basis of customer’s purchase and revenue accumulation. 


Not only that, it will also keep your all data, information of your customer safe and untouched by any hacking incident. So, keep tap with prominent and secured hosting providers like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator Cloud, Hostinger, Siteground, and many others.


For your better, assistance. And finally, while you make your choice which hosting platform you should choose, confirm it by the provider that where the host cloud is upgradable, provides DDoS protection and vulnerability scanning. 


Impart strict education to employee training

Now, you must be thinking that what your employee would be doing the security base. But, it is important to understand that no business runs with a single idea presented by the CEO

The staff members or the employees in the business also counts upon for ups and the falls of the brand. Even if you embrace all your website with security essentials, any single employee who is uninformed about the security basics will definitely land you into troubled waters. 


Let your employees know that poor password strength will grant access to the hackers of your backend and then everything will be washed off. For your better assistance, you need to take care of strong password generation like- Dashlane. 


This is a world-renowned cross-platform ultimate password manager that will provide unique passwords with strong intensity and without any gaps. This is available for MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android users. 


Adding to this, you can take special tips like Your password policy should include quotes saying that your business only enter passwords carrying 8 characters and a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols, block account access after 4 failed attempts, provide users to check with on-screen assessment of passwords strength for better accessibility. 


Add SSL protection

This is the need of the hour. Just having a safe cloud host does not claim that your customer’s personal data and especially their transaction details (including their back account number) will all be safe and secure. So, stop being scrutinized along with your business. 


Implement SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection on your servers. This certification will encrypt all the data flow between the concerned server and your customers. Alongside many people have no problem in accessing public WIFI services? 


But, this in return invites their information breach and mishandling of your personal details. Through SSL encryption, stolen data cannot be decoded. So, keep your SSL certification up-to-date and run a safe business. 


Keep your compliance handy

You must be reading about GDPR rules since last year. Actually European government has come up with a regulation for all types of ecommerce business owners to keep their customer’s data safe and enacted. 


Under the rule of General Data Protection Regulation, it is stated that website available for European users, must get their website enrolled under GDPR regulation. 


This will keep tap with the type of information is coming to the country and how this information will be viewed and shared so that no-breach of information is foreseen. If, failure to meet this requirement, heavy fine and penalty will be levied. 


So, these were some of the most important security essentials which every business owner forgets or ignores to get noted. 


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It's the right time to invest in more secure e-commerce

Cyber-attack has been on the rise since many years. In 2013, retail giant-Target compromised it 110 million of its customer credit card and contact information. This resulted in the resignation of chief executive officer and chief information officer. 


A year later, Adobe also complained that hackers have accessed IDs and encrypted passwords of more than 38 million active users from their database. Further investigation also revealed that hackers also stole the source code like Photoshop. 


Well, there are many to describe and state but our main agenda is to alert and acknowledge you from getting trapped in the vicious web of cyber-attack and web implanted by hackers. 


In today’s digital landscape, cyber hacking will the paralyzing the normal scenario. Harmed by the privacy violation and security breakthrough will not only create unrest among your customers but also many businesses will be seen locked-out. 


To keep everything intact for your business, you need to be careful about the online hacking. With the advancement of 2020, it is said that more instances of cyber-attack will be seen and more of businesses will suffer from the burns. 


Hope this blog has answered your query and you too fetch best of antivirus solution now. If you have any suggestions or require any advice, you can surely message us below. 


Happy Saving Data from getting breached. 

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