Are You Strong Enough to Face Cyber Threats for Business?

Are you strong enough to face cyber threats for business

According to records, information related to customer data, customer debit-credit card information, financial information, employee records and others calls out a foul play by cyber attackers. 

When it comes to cyber threats for business, every human becomes alert and works harder to embrace all its information from getting breached or phishing alerts. From small enterprises to large businesses, cyber-attacks have made the functionality a vulnerable scenario. 

If you say that small businesses are prone towards cyber breach more than large companies. Then I must say, yes. Maybe the case is like that. 

In small enterprise-till the time, cyber threats are recognised and witnessed by higher managerial team, every data and information related to the business gets hacked. And as there they small businesses, not much hype is created in the market. 

But huge losses are incurred in the organization. On the other hand, businesses which are well settled also faces the burns of cyber-attack. But, as they are already developed, they are able to come-out from the stance but the media and social information tarnishes their image for life long that also shakens their client base. You can read stories related to Sony hack, Target breach and Home Depot breach for in-dept information. 

So, cyber threats for business can be many. It is just that an organization should be strong enough to face such challenges in real time. And today, through this blog you can know whether your business too has chances to falls under the clutches of cybercrime…. 

Types of Cyber threats for business

According to Cisco, cyber-attack take place every day. John Chamber, CEO, Cisco says- “there are two type of companies. One is those who have been hacked and the second is those who do not know whether they have been hacked or not.” 

Cybercrime against businesses have seen a rise as people try to break through from their vulnerable business working. And that is the point when attackers see loopholes in the management. 

  1. Fraud calls
  2. False email addresses
  3. Malwares 
  4. Phishing process 
  5. SQL insertion
  6. Botnet discrepancy
  7. Man-in-the-middle-attack
  8. Backdoor Trojans  
  9. Cybercrime
  10. Others.  

So, now that you know the types of attacks your business could inherit. Let’s know what all business can come in the clutches of cybercrime. 

Businesses which are Open to Cyber Threats more...

  1. E-commerce websites: Nowadays, e-commerce business is being catered by 90% of total gross-market (approx.). Every other business which earlier would have been a brick-and-mortar, is now transformed into lavish e-commerce site that provides enumerable offers, deals and hampers. And here cyber threat comes under unique form of disguise (at the time of checkout and payment). During that period in time, your customer’s name, address, email id, phone number and most importantly their banking details are set open so that he/she could make the purchase. With the slip of time, hackers wait for the moment with their hoax web-page and swap with the original. 

If we check on the details, there are about 1.92 billion e-commerce sites catering to total world population in 2019. And it will also get doubled by 2021 with 2.14 billion which will give good choice by online shoppers to select and buy. 

Cyber threats for business is a serious concern. We just need to be more careful with such instances. 

  1. Banks and other financial organization: These are the most open-source platforms where hackers tends to take advantage of. With thousands of transactions happening on a regular basis. This is one of the favorite aspects where cyber threats have seen its rise. 
  2. IT-driven Organizations:  Nowadays, with the digital boom. Many of the world’s occupation is being switched from their native organization and occupation style to the IT sector. According to research presented by Comptia, it is clearly stated that in US itself there is 31% of tech market or approximately $1.6 trillion for 2019. Among other tech regions- Asia-Pacific stands on the second position in product technological driven solution for the complete world to experience. 
  3. Advertising and Public Relation:  Now, you must be thinking that how cyber threat can affect this business as it does not involve any monetary aspect. But these organization deals with public and private accounts through which information leak and phishing activity can take place. 

Many a times, you must have heard that social accounts of celebrities and other public figures got hacked and anti-information have been displayed. 

According to a recent survey, 22% of online users says that at least once their social media account has been hacked and 14% have experienced hacking activity with their account more than once. And in 2018m social media giant- Facebook got hacked leaving open to 50 million of personal data of users. 

So, to curb down these situations, celebrities and public figures hire an advertising and public-relation organization which can embrace their personal data from getting breached and even mishandled. Cyber threats for business can be in many numbers but you need to be careful before it goes out of hand. 

  1. Government Corporations: Yes, cyber threat has erupted within realm of government and corporations. Reading through an article published by com, it is found that many of the big brand and organization have been tarnished by the cyber threat. Organizations like the US Office of Personnel Management, RSA Security, Heartland Payment System, TJX Companies and many others. 

Apart from this, there are strict measures for the employees too for curbing down the instance of cyber threats for business. For regulating the strictness of the situation, many are measures like teamwork, training and creation of insurance are been looked after with great positivity. 

What type of antivirus should be chosen in the time of need?

Take a note of the antivirus which can establish for your business and get regular updates whether there is any virus, malware, and spy on your PCs, Laptop, and Tablet, mobile and other electronic gadget. 

  • It should scan through emails, documents, files. 
  • The functionality should not curb the working of the processor. 
  • Provide full system scan. 
  • Note the privacy policy of the solution. 

Summing up:

As we all are developing, our work and functionality flipping on top without any note what else can happen if no seriousness for security is taken care-off. With the world development, every other aspect whether it is good or bad is simultaneously growing. Instances of cyber-attack for business has been on the rise and in the years to come, it will grow uglier. 

So, in the given time. If you do not take note, the menace will eat your business up. 

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