What Are Norton Error Codes & How To Fix Them?

Norton Error Codes

What are Norton error codes? We could have answered this question directly but then it’s futile to explain any issue without expounding where it all starts. So, first of all to all those who are oblivion of the existence of Norton, well, it’s an Antivirus or Anti-malware as you call it.

Don’t know what antivirus is?  FYI it’s a set of software that detects, prevents and protects your PC, android, and smartphones, etc. upon installation. And now if you are wondering what do your PC needs protection from? The answer is Malware. 

To get the detailed information, read the below guide or dial Norton customer support help number.

What Are Malware?

Antivirus Malware

Malware is basically a set of software engineered to infiltrates the OS of your computer and ravages it thoroughly. And…there are several types of malware. 



Computer Virus Vector

Infiltrates your PC and replicates the existing files with its own code


Computer Warm

This malicious software remains active in the host and infects other computers meanwhile.


Spyware Anonymous Hacker

Spyware is software that crawls in your computing device unnoticed and steals your internet data and personal information.


Trojan Horse Spam Mail

Generally disguised as an appealing package Trojan enters your system and tries to gain access to system UI, or spams your system with useless emails and popups. This malware is designed by hackers specifically to steal your personal information or identity. 


Source: Betanews

It’s a type of malicious malware that provides the attacker a leeway to infiltrate your UI for different illegal purposes. 



Source: Noctisit

Malicious software that remains hidden in your PC, it is generally not harmful on its own but hides worms viruses and other harmful software. Hackers can get access to the root directories of your PC and trigger different viruses through a rootkit.


Keylogger -Phishing

Spyware that monitors every tap of the key on the keyboard specially used by hackers to remotely monitor and intrude your personal system.

Logic Bombs

A piece of code, when triggered can sweep the whole database, moreover, it is capable of destroying the whole hardware of the computer system 

All these malware are capable of eating up not only your OS but also burning out the hardware as well and Logic Bomb is one such software. Not just it, your personal information and your identity can be hacked as well. 

A strong anti-virus or anti-malware like Norton protects your PC from all of them.

Established in 1991, Norton antivirus is part of Norton family of computer security products. Primarily designed for Mac, now Norton has been acting as protective software for Windows and Linux as well for a long time. 

Being a traditional antivirus, Norton antivirus uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses and other malware whether you are offline or online. The glossary or the database of the signatures are constantly updated by the firm subsequent to the allotment of signature to the virus after it has been analyzed by the research team. 

What are Norton Error Codes?

Often the issues of error surface with Norton antivirus. Each error has a specific code assigned to then. These are known as Norton Error Codes. We will discuss all the types of errors occurring, the reason for their occurrence with Norton Antivirus and how they can be resolved.

Installation Error (Error: 8504,104)

Although Norton is a pretty easy-breezy installation antivirus, sometimes installation error may occur.  Known as Error: 8504,104 as well, it can occur due to any other security product running on your PC or due to a failed installation when it’s being upgraded to a newer version.

How To Fix Error 8054,104?

According to Norton, these are some of  the things you can try to fix Error 8054,104

  • Restart the computer

  1. Exit all Programmes. 

  2. Restart the computer. 

  3. If the problem still persists uninstall and reinstall Norton.

  • Run the Norton “Remove and reinstall tool.” 

  1. Download the Norton “Norton Remove and Reinstall” 

  2. Go to the location where the file has been downloaded. 

  3. Double click the NRnR button. 

  4. Click Agree after reading the license agreement. 

  5. Click Advanced Options.

  6. Then click Remove Only. 

  7. Click Remove. 

  8. Finally, click Restart Now. 

  9. After restarting your PC, follow the onscreen instructions to install Norton. 

(Uninstall  the Norton Family If  it’s installed in your PC before you run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.)

  • Uninstall any Non-Symantec security product. 

  1. Open the “Run” dialog box (Press the Windows+R button to open the “Run” dialog box). 

  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter key. 

  3. Select the Non-Symantec security product from the list of currently installed programs. 

  4. Click Uninstall or Remove 

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

  6. Subsequent to the process of removal, restart the computer.

  • Update the Video Graphic Driver 

  1. Open the “Run” dialog box. 

  2. Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter. 

  3. Double click on “Display Adapter” in the Device Manager Window. 

  4. Select Properties after right-clicking on the HD Graphic Card. 

  5. Check the driver is outdated or up-to-date on the Driver tab. If the driver is outdated, you need to update and install the latest version of Graphic Card Driver. 

  6. Select your Graphics Card manufacturer

  7. Restart the computer and check whether the issue has been resolved.

If the problem still persists you can dial toll-free Norton antivirus tech support number

Quick-Scan Error (Error 8504,5)

Another type of error you may face is Quick Scan Error or Error 8504,5. Now the question is how will you identify that you are facing a quick-scan error. 

If the Norton quick-scan procedure stops midway each time during execution, it means you are facing error 8504,5.

How to Fix Error 8504,5?

One way you can fix the error 8504,5 is-

  1. Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. 

  2. Proceed to the location where the file has been downloaded 

  3. Double-click the NRnR icon. 

  4. Click Agree after reading the license

  5. Click Remove and Reinstall (If your Norton Antivirus is from your service provider, you may only see the Remove button) 

  6. Click Continue or Remove. 

  7. Click Restart 

  8. After your PC restarts follow the instructions on the screen to install 

If you are still facing any trouble then contact Norton customer support number

Product Loading Error (Error 8510,105)

Error while loading is common. This type of error is known as Norton error 8504,105. It’s easy to detect whether your PC is facing this error or not. Here is how-

  • It may have to shut down your computer temporarily. 

  • Your running program might crash. 

  • OS of your PC can be damaged. 

  • This error constantly surfaces up on your PC. 

  • The function of your PC becomes laggy. 

  • Your system doesn’t run smoothly or you are unable to operate it at all.

How Can Error 8510, 105 Happen?

There are several reasons that can trigger the occurrence of error 8504,105. Like-

  • Incomplete installation of Norton Antivirus in your PC due to some reason. 

  • Corruption in the Windows registry may also cause this error due to hindrance in running of windows files. 

  • Because of the attack of certain malware the OS of your PC can trigger the generation of this error. 

  • The download of any waste file can trigger this error as well. 

How to fix Error 8510,105?

  • Repair all the windows entries related to Norton error code8510,105. 

  • Secondly, complete the malware and virus scan.

  • Third, clean all the system junk on your PC. 

  • Reset your system

  • Update your device 

  • Uninstall and then reinstall Norton Antivirus

  • Use Windows  System File Checker 

  • Finally, you can avail all the updates on your PC and perform a clean installation. 

Even after the process if the error still persists, you can call Norton technical support experts by dialing toll-free number.