How to get Setup Log File when Avast Installation Error Occurs

How to get Setup Log File

Whenever installations error occurs in Avast Antivirus, the setup log file is required for the analysis of reasons behind the installation errors. When you contact Avast customer Support number to report you’re the failure of Avast antivirus on your device, then the customer support team may be request for the setup log file for the further analysis.  

To get the setup log file you must access the Avast Setup Wizard. When you notify the installation error simply access the log from setup wizard and copy it on notepad and save it as text and send it to the Avast support expert and they will help you to fix this issue.

The below steps are also applied for the Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Premium Security, Avast Omni, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Pro Antivirus

Follow The Below Steps to Get The Setup Log File

Step-1 When the Avast setup error occurs in the Avast Setup wizard, click on the “View setup log” to open Log file.

Avast Setup wizard

Step-2 Select the Verbosity to Debug from bottom left corner, then click on the button “Copy to clipboard” from the bottom right corner before close button.

Avast Log Saving Step-2

Step-3 Now open your notepad, then right click on the notepad and press “Ctrl+V” to Paste the previously copied setup log data on notepad.

Avast Log Saving Step-3

Step-4 Now save this file, Click on option File, then select Save as….

Avast Log Saving Step-4

Step-5 Now select the location where you want to save this file, now enter the file name as “SetupLog.txt” and click on save button to save the file.

Avast Log Saving Step-5

Step-6 Now return back to the Log Viewer and then click on the Close button.

Step-7 Now compress that setup log file as (*.zip) by using compress software such as Winrar, and send it to Antivirus customer support experts whenever they ask for this file.

After analyzing your log file, The Avast Customer Support expert advises you for the next steps.