I can’t fight Android Malware: Google

I can't fight Android Malware Google

Yes, you are reading this right. Google itself has confirmed this news that the search engine giant cannot fight Android Malware. It has quoted, “A collaboration between Google, ESET, Lookout, Zimperium… created to ensure the safety of the Google Play Store.” and “Stop bad apps from reaching to user’s devices.” 


But, when asked whether it is still protected. Then the answer came as ‘No’. 


Well, it can be chilling your veins, but this is the fact. 


Every malicious activity that is detained every month, is barely detected by Google. The ‘Play Store’ which every Android users take heed while downloading any app from the interface. Can only detect ½ of malware samples on Android devices. This has been confirmed by German lab AV-Test. It continues, ‘every single other app stopped at least 99.6%. In our roundup of the best Android app. We can pass our verdict that- ‘Please Use Something Else’. 


ESET security researcher-Lukas Stefanko also clubbed up 172 apps on Google Play with over 33 crore installs in the month of September. And this is what he found out: 

AV-Test found that ESET Endpoint Security detected 99.7% of real-time Android malware infection and 100% of malware samples also collected from last week’s analysis through Android. 

Experts suggest that not many third party Android app is well compatible to patch-up the crises. But, they suggest to ‘Norton Mobile Security’ along with its app advisor. Clubbing up this main feature, it can assist ESET, Lookout, Zimperium to catch up. Simultaneously, the app defense alliance allows Google Play Protect to come up with some better solution.  

Stay tuned to know more.

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