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If you are not happy with McAfee antivirus, you can surely proceed for uninstalling it. Know how to remove McAfee from your desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile in easy ways.


Sometimes it so happens that after having a well renowned solution for securing your electronic gadgets and its functionality, you do not prefer or like to recommend the program to anybody. Here too, we will let you know most easy steps for McAfee Uninstallation so that you switch to any other solution which will better secure your digital devices properly. 

It can seem an easy process for uninstallation but can’t uninstall McAfee. Our team of professionals works 24×7 for providing best and easy way for antiviruses according to all-time zones, all over the globe. They are the experts from the industry- who knows better how to uninstall McAfee. 

Well, there are just simple ways for McAfee uninstallation. You just need to contact us. And our esteemed experts will make sure that every happens in front of you ( in remote access mode) 

You just need to call us on our toll-free number: (1)-844-622-7196 or contact us through live chat system. And, we will get you McAfee support for installation at most reasonable price. 

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How to uninstall McAfee in easy ways?

Uninstalling McAfee from any devices can be different and difficult is the user is not concerned. It may also affect your system’s health and even leave residual files after the antivirus support has been removed. These residual files can harm as bug-like activity and if you do not check upon it. It would breach upon your personal data and account details in all its strength. 

  1. Open the ‘Control panel’ of your device. 
  2. Then go to- ‘Uninstall Program’.  
  3. After safe ‘Uninstallation’, restart your PC. 
  4. Then again, Go to ‘Control Panel’ and search for McAfee Antivirus. If you still find it, then do the following.
  5. Go to ‘Properties’ and tap on the General tab for removing the file. 
  6. After doing so, click on the recover and restart your system once more. 
  7. Then search for ‘McAfee’ in the list of available applications. And, click on uninstalling the application. 
  8. Finally, your uninstalling process would successfully done. 

Note: If you still incur any dissatisfaction with the method and can’t uninstall McAfee till now. Then, give us a call on (1)-844-622-7196 or contact us through live chat system. We will surely remove the application through McAfee Enterprise Removal Tool. 

How to remove McAfee from Windows 7?

There you would be getting your answer to the question- ‘How to remove McAfee From Windows 7’. In just a few simple steps, your McAfee uninstallation process would be completed. But, indeed you do not able to do so. Don’t hesitate, we would not bother you much and your subscription with Antivirus leading global provider will get finished.

  1. Start by downloading.exe file of McAfee Consumer Product Removal.
  2. Restart your device and change it in safe mode.
  3. After restarting, right click on the .exe file. There you will find ‘Run as Administrator’ from drop-down. Click on it.
  4. Click yes and remove the file from your system.
  5. Now, click on control panel and click ‘Yes’.
  6. For smooth functioning, click on ‘Agree’ button to continue the process.
  7. Enter the correct captcha value for continuing the process.
  8. Then, restart your device for successful enabling the changes.

You may find these changes and process with McAfee support system. But, if you want better solution that will handle your uninstallation process from start till the end. Then call on toll-free number: (1)-844-622-7196 or contact us through live chat system.

How to uninstall McAfee from iOS devices? 

Here, you will get the simplest process in uninstalling of McAfee along with its troubleshooting function. When it comes to McAfee Uninstallation process, iOS has one of the easiest processes to install any antivirus, any application or file from its display and also from the working server. 

  1. Firstly, unlock your iOS device. 
  2. Then, select or double tap the McAfee icon. 
  3. Simultaneously, a cross (right-hand-side corner) will come and hover over the icon. 
  4. Select the ‘X’ in the right hand side corner and click on ‘delete’ portion. 
  5. Your McAfee uninstallation is now successfully done. 

How to remove McAfee from Laptop? 

Be it any operating system or any version. Here, you will get support help for Window 7, 8, 9, 10 and also related to MacBook and desktop. We harness professional team catering with the industry 24×7 without any networking glitch. 

  1. Start by opening the application folder in the laptop. 
  2. Double click on ‘McAfee internet security uninstaller. 
  3. Click on the checkbox and find for uninstall option which will be available. 
  4. Enter your username and password. After that click for further option alongside. 

Thereby, click on the ‘Finish’ button the McAfee Uninstallation process has been successfully done.

How you can contact to McAfee authorized support team for McAfee Uninstallation process? 

As discussed earlier, you can also get McAfee authorized support team for such purpose. But, many a times it may happen that they are unavailable to your call or could not able to revert back to your query. 

At that time, it would be best if you contact us. We at Antivirus Support Help do not take any undue advantage. Our experts are well trained to handle every situation with ease and without any confusion to the user. The process we follow also happen in real time (through the help of remote access mode). 

  • You can call us direct, at any time and on any day. Our Toll-Free support number for McAfee is- (1)-844-622-7196. 
  • You can also chat with our support executive for any such disturbance or even when it is working fine and you want to know more about its features and advantages. 
  • You can even email us on support@antivirussupporthelp.com along with your query. And we will make sure that your email address would not get mishandle for the purpose of advertising and promotion.