Methods To Enable Schedule Scan Option On Vipre Antivirus

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Vipre is a top-notch antivirus brand in the world. It is the most premium and versatile antivirus program available in the market right now. Compare to other brands, Vipre products are more precise and less vulnerable to online cyber attack. On the other hand, Vipre antivirus is also prone to some technical issues. To overcome these issues effectively, you need to contact Vipre Antivirus Technical Support Number and address the problem with one of our experts. Our tech support offers round the clock assistance to the clients. We are committed to delivering on spot solution to the problem in the minimum conceivable time.

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Is schedule scan option is not working on your Vipre product? Well, that can be a serious concern if you are not using the PC on the regular premise. To fix that, you need to take the advantage of the following steps.

Go to the Setting section of the software and explore the scan setting

  • Open your Vipre antivirus and Tap the Drop-down menu under Schedule Scan.
  • Tap the Pencil icon or + new scan to create a new schedule.
  • Make the desired changes and Tap the Done button.

Configure Vipre Power Setting

  • Open your Vipre antivirus.
  • Move your cursor to the top left corner of the interface, Choose File option.
  • Explore the Settings option.
  • Tap on the Power Button from the new window.
  • Now make sure to check the box near to Wake from sleep.

Navigate to Windows power settings (Window 7 users only)

  • Click on the Start button and open the search bar.
  • Type Power option hit Enter key.
  • On the new window, choose Change Plan Setting Link.
  • Thereafter, explore the Change Advanced Power Settings link.
  • A new window will prompt on the computer screen.
  • Tap + Symbol near to Sleep option.
  • Now enabled the setting and hit Apply option and then hit OK tab.
  • Close all the remaining Power Option windows.

Correct the time and date on the Windows setting

  • Move your cursor at the bottom right of the taskbar and Click Date and time.
  • Click Change date and time setting.
  • Tap on Change and Date and time tab.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to wrap up the process.
  • Done.

All these methods will suffice to resolve your issue. In case if the issue still persists and remained stagnant even after availing these methods then feel free to dial Vipre Customer Support number and connect with our professional. We offer comprehensive and hassle-free support to our customer.