Norton/McAfee/Bitdefender- Which one to select for 2020?

Norton-McAfee- Bitdefender

Pushing across all the threats of malware, viruses, hacks, and others. Yet another year is going to complete. But, no more staying doubtful and keeping your valuable data in the mercy of cyber piracy. 

It is time now when you need to create a resolution for your online and desktop data. Which can help your data from getting destroyed or mishandled under your nose… With the advancement of digital media. 

We live in a very complexed world. And thus, it goes without saying that our data is all at stake by security and privacy.

So, I produce you to the set of antiviruses along with its differences. Which will stand robust-like to fight back all the ailments of data breach and other consequences? 

Here you will find 3 most exclusive antiviruses which secures first position in the user’s list. Digging on differences between Norton/McAfee/Bitdefender and which will prove the best for you for data.


Known for the world’s best antivirus solution, Symantec’s Norton enjoys its first position over others. Many experts, market researchers. 

And users till date recommends and suggest Norton Security solutions to their known and other people. 

This exclusive antivirus solution leverage the power of expertise. And streamlined customer support and usability. 

Norton’s collection of virus removal tool has become so well-known over the globe. That it brings calmness to PCs 10, Macs, Smartphones, tablets users.


Norton antivirus solution provides an active. And a well-populated database of cybersecurity against any type of threat. As it has been producing services for more than 30 years, it has established itself on firm ground for better output.

Additionally, Norton works upon its framework which is called ‘Proactive Exploit Protection’ (PEP). This is directly assigned to protect Windows computers against zero-day attacks. Well, these attacks focus on vulnerabilities in Windows programs. As well as operating system which needs to get protected. And also making them particularly fertile ground for hackers. 

This particularly emphasizes PEP. It focuses on protecting data that are more prone to vulnerabilities. This finally provides protection which simply puts on a higher position than competitors.

Removal Assurance

This includes virus removal assurance in all levels. As the name suggests the antivirus security giant also provides a full refund. Without any question.

Two-way Firewall Protection

Through the expertise professionals over Norton antivirus support. You will get to know about two-way firewall protection which is extremely important. 

This will include-a firm firewall that will prevent and investigate both inbound traffic. As well as unauthorized outbound traffic from your local network. Norton stands as the major option in promoting protection against both. 

The double-shield will also able to stop malware. And rootkits that nest in your machine and use infected laden contact along with genuine contacts.

Major Features

Crowdsourced download protection with insights

Norton solutions are one of the trusted brand around the world. The company successfully developed a technology called ‘Insights’. 

This will infuse many of the collective experiences by the users who have already taken the help of this solution. And, has come out as winners after using this solution. Antivirus solution also awards the safety of files through quick analyzing. 

Norton can speed up the scanning process by analyzing those files which found suspicious or stand doubtful in the regard. 

Extending an upper hand over other antivirus solution. Norton has come up with a new way of removing viruses and malware through crowdsourcing and insights.

Automatic Live Update

Being the best and exclusive antivirus in the town. Norton promotes automatic live update. This ensures the users to always run on the latest version. So, Norton security solution itself enables this feature as default.

The solution gets quickly downloaded, apply new virus definition and program can clean up the old files.

Safety for Child access

Being the premium antivirus solution than others. Norton provides smooth internet child access without any problem. 

And that why, Norton antivirus security provides ‘award-winning parental control software’. Being the best in the market, Norton provides safe parental control before any child can access it. 

Besides including a filtering tool. To prevent family members from accessing certain categories on the internet. It will also help with backlists. Administrator also has access to limit user’s time on the internet. Also, it can have a schedule so that the users can access the internet at a given time. 

Additionally, Norton security solution also shoots emails. To parents if their children by any chance have access to adult information. If you want any help regarding this, you are welcome to contact on Norton support number.

Automatic Update

Norton security includes an automatic backup tool. Which automates the backup files to a secured, encrypted cloud storage system. 

This takes place when the computer is idle. While the program will automatically detect some files to backup based pattern. Contrary to this, users can also able to select their files and folders which needs to get updated.

This process is limited to 25GB. Enough space to keep all your critical data all embraced your information and keeping your system healthy. Norton antivirus solution inclusively initiates well-designed and customizable backup utility.

Quick and Enabled Spam blocking

Norton has the other side of the equation covered too. Norton antivirus comes up with automatic detection of incoming junk messages. It also warns users about attachment that could contain viruses as well as any phishing activity.

Ease of Use

As learned through the Norton Support number, it stated that the framework is based upon a sleek and well-designed user interface. Additionally, it also includes an advanced setting area, a scan selection dialog box, and a live updater.


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Only known for threat prevention, firewall, web control, and other policy option helps to maximize the protection of your Mac. Enlisting section wise like:

Threat Prevention

  • On-Access scan: Scan files and directories for threats when users access them.
  • On-Demand Scan: McAfee antivirus security helps to scan on files and directories at specific times. Each on-demand scan contains its policy setting. You can also run a scan or quick scan on a mac.
  • Product update client tasks: This will assist in updating the engine and content files from the McAfee download website.
  • Schedule tasks: Change the client’s tasks and scan timing to improve working. This will also improve performance by running it on-none peak time.
  • Scan Policies: Analyze log files, queries. And change policies to increase performance or virus protection. For instance, you can improve performance by configuring exclusion. Many more

Adaptive Threat Protection

Supportive for adaptive threat protection: Powered by McAfee antivirus, adaptive threat protection. This is an optional, endpoint security module that analyzes content from their enterprise. And decides what to do based on file reputation. This also includes rules and reputation.

Common Policy

  • Self-Protection: Protects the system from malware and from being deleted and changed.
  • Password protection for client interface: Allows you to configure different access levels for users. Through the vital help by McAfee support number, you will able to prevent users from changing the protection preference.
  • Password protection to uninstall: This feature will allow its users to imply password protection. For the client software. This will prevent removal of the software from the Mac.

Overall Web Protection: McAfee

With the help of McAfee, antivirus security will provide complete protection. Dealing with unlimited devices with 360-degree protection. 

This further includes-personal firewall. Anti-spam protection, safe search with site advisor. Safe family protection, streamlined password manager. Shield your mobile, mobile app protection, faster and easier. 

Well, these are the topmost yet official features of McAfee antivirus. If you want to know more about this or want your feature to get included under McAfee? Or instances queries like McAfee installation. 

Uninstallation support, upgrade support, technical support, customer support or live chat support. Then call experts directly through McAfee support number.


After counting upon the two major antivirus solutions, here comes the present antivirus hunk in the market. Welcome ‘Bitdefender’. Many of the experts and market researchers say that this antivirus solution will successfully give a big blow to the cyber threats of 2020. 

Let jot-down its features: 

  • Bitdefender offers more security-related to features and extra utilities in its suites.
  • Independent tests prove that Bitdefender is better than other antivirus solutions.
  • Bitdefender puts less impact on system performance
  • Offers easy and simple framework
  • Already offers the highest level of security and performance. Catering to 500 million devices worldwide.


Well, in the market there will be many options to pick. But must be searching for an optimum option? We have shared 3 greater options and competitors to each other-Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender. 

These three antiviruses are great for every individual and their businesses. These have their qualities and many also get inter-connected. 

It is you who need to select the perfect one for your purpose. Being the real policemen or the gatekeeper. Antivirus keeps a vigilant eye over all the activities that take place in the computer, tablet, mobile, and off-course the web. So, you need to be careful. 

With the change of the years, there are sharp and harmful advancement of viruses and malware and other related issues. So be smart and keep your data all safe and secured by choosing the best option. 

If you want to discuss any antivirus issues with our experts. Feel free to contact us.

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