Now fix Malware bytes real-time protection turned off easily!

Yes, it is actually normal and happens with everyone. Having installed Malware bytes is as normal has got your system synced with one of the best antivirus solutions like McAfee, Norton, Panda, Avast, and others. But, sometimes with continuous use of this world-renowned anti-malware, there are also loopholes with disables itself from providing protection to your system. But, DO NOT PANIC. You can surely well enable all its settings and turn on the protection mode very easily through the points that are listed below.

Be it any software like-Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS or any other operating system and software, here you can get the best assistance for ‘How to fix Malware bytes real-time protection turned off easily.’

Malware bytes is the best solution when it comes to removing the instances of malware and other adverse effects of infections from the database. But, amidst the big name of the solution, there is also a shortcoming. Malware bytes also comes up with an error that states: ‘Real-Time Protection layers turned off. One or more real-time protection layers are turned off. Turn on all real-time protection layers to block and prevent threats.’

Malware Bytes

But, do not worry. We have a solution for this. If you are getting these instances, then follow the points below or ask for expert help.

Update Malware bytes to its latest version

With a streamlined assistance by Malware bytes developers, you can solve the issue through this quick and easy process.

  1. By default, Malware bytes tools on Windows will display a notification claiming about the new version which needs to get updated to the current version.
  2. If you do not receive such notification, then it is well suggested to check all the notifications manually.
  3. Open Malware bytes by double-clicking on its icon or going through the start menu and then proceeding towards setting.
  4. Navigate to the application tab in settings and click on to install application updates under the application updates section.
  5.  You should either see a message saying that there is no available or
  6. Message saying-> ‘Progress-Updates successfully downloaded. If there are updates that are ready to get installed then, click OK. And, then click yes when prompted that installation is complete.
  7. Followed by, commencing the installation process step by step so that the real-time protection process is turned on.

Clean and reinstall Malware bytes

Many times it has been seen and told by its users that you install the software from your device and then reinstall the software, the problem gets removed. Let’s check out what all process you need to take care of while reinstalling the software.

  1. Firstly, uninstall Malware bytes from your system.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Download and run the MBAM-clean tool. This tool will definitely erase any remnant of an earlier version of Malware bytes.
  4. Reboot your computer again.
  5. For reinstallation, you need to download and run the latest version of Malware bytes installer. Locate and double click the file.
  6. There you may see a notification explaining that your malware bytes like anti-malware, malware bytes, anti-exploit, or malware bytes anti-Ransom applications needs to be uninstalled before you can install malware bytes 3.0
  7. Press accept, then follow this prompt on the installer window.
  8. Malware bytes will open automatically to the new welcome screen.
  9. If you already have a premium subscription for either Malware bytes anti-malware, malware bytes anti-exploit or Malware anti-Ransom proceed for activation.
  10.  If you still not possess the license key, then you need to talk to the support team of malware bytes.
  11. Press the active button in top-right.
  12. If you only see a ‘My Account’ button in the top right your license has already migrated over. Please click my account to verify.
  13. Copy and paste your license information the appropriate box.
  14. If your activation info has an ID press the ‘License came with License ID’
  15. Click the activate button to activate your malware bytes 3.0 premium license.
  16. Restart your system.


You can also check out these two-level process. This may include. 

  1. Exit malware bytes completely by right-clicking on its icon at the right part of the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and choosing the ‘Quit’ option.
  2. Confirm any dialogue box that appears.
  3. Locate either a desktop shortcut for malware bytes or locate it in the start menu, right-click on it. And choose the Run as administrator option. Confirm any dialog box which may appear.
  4. Check whether this process has actually made the malware bytes real-time protection gets enabled or not.

Things you need to check whether your system has malware or not

  1. Slowing down your system
  2. Unknown ad presence on your screen
  3. Your system repeatedly crashes, freezes, or display BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).
  4. Unknowingly loss of disk space
  5. Increase of internet activity.
  6. The speed of system resources is high along with a shoot-up speed of fan.
  7. Non-functionality of antivirus solution leaving everything crippled and unprotected.
  8. Is there any demand of ransom for your files that have been stolen from your system and will not be returned until you provide them the amount?
  9. Keep a tight watch whether your device’s health is good or not.  You should need precautions that may be deep inside your system, there can be a malware that is quickly stealing or deleting your file or even breaching your PC’s password or using your system for spreading nuisance from your device.
  10. Without any consent, you came across a new plugin installed or extension integrated with your system.


So, now you know a way out for enabling the malware bytes software. So that it gets reinstalled and protect your digital device from any malware attack. Be it any issues related to malware, virus, Trojan, malware bytes it is the optimum choice for it.

If you want to know, which all languages it supports then, here they are. Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and many others.

Getting started from 1980 onwards, malware has started its pace getting multiple and badly coded by nuance mind. Since that time, making a solution for the problem was the need in real-time or else a large amount of data would get breached or mishandled.