Cancellation Policy

This can take place due to some dissatisfaction with a feature or step or working mentioned in our extended services/products. Well, this is not mandatory that what product/service made by ‘Antivirus Support Help’ will be appropriate for your brand, enterprise or company at large.

So, to minimize the inappropriate choice of choosing the product/service from us and then get dissatisfied, even more, you can clearly raise your ticket for a refund. And, believe us we won’t be having any hard feelings against you.

You just need to read the ‘Refund Policy’ carefully before taking any assistance from us.

Refund Policy

Before subscribing to our services, kindly read the refund policy carefully so that we could serve you better and without any rising un-satisfaction with you.

Starting with instances where ‘Antivirus Support Help’ is deemed to provide you with refunds.

  1. There are certain reasons when clients claim for Refunds.
  2. Antivirus support Help does not claim any refunds if it exceeds 5-7 business days from the date of purchase.
  3. While asking for refunds, you should keep a note that your account of paid membership should get closed.
  4. When received your refunded payment, you should choose a safe uninstallation of the solution that you have bought from us.  Starting from key number to files that it carried.
  5. We do not guarantee refunds for monthly-subscriptions.
  6. Before raising a ticket for a refund, you should contact our support team. And, if they could not able to satisfy your requirements, then place a request for refunds.
  7. Customers can also ask for the cancellation of services. But, if the billing has been done. Then the money-back facility is not provisional.
  8. It may include if any damage or information breach is done with the anti-virus solution then, there will not be any refund to the request raiser.

Canceling your Membership

  1. You may cancel or renew your subscription by clicking on Here or simply calling on our toll-free number +(1)-844-622-7196
  2. If you cancel your membership with us. It will automatically renew your account manager and will raise a new ticket for cancellation.

While asking for cancellation and return, you need to make sure that your eligibility should be different from the time of purchasing or the bill through a third party.