Top 10 Secured Ways to Enjoy Your Online Banking

10 tips for safe internet banking

After everything is going digital and up on the web, we all are learning for most expertise way of online banking. Be it from electricity bill to buying things from the e-commerce platform. Even ordering pizza or transacting monthly rent to the landlord’s account. Everything has gone digital and off-line medium has sat back.


But, don’t you think that such transformation is inviting negative cyber activity? On most odd days, you can find news related to ATM pin missing case, extortion or intercepting money transaction process, etc.  


Well, today’ we will be discussing how you can conduct a safe online transactional process. Without giving any loop-hole to the attackers. Well, banking is nice and convenient. But it too has the other side of the coin. 


Let’s note these 10 points and enjoy our online banking than staying doubtful. 

1- Create a strong password and optimize it 

Foremost point is to use a strong password for your online banking. This process will include lowercase, uppercase letter. Number, letter, special characters which will create your password strong. 

Never get indulged in using your personal details for your bank credentials. Like birthday, anniversary, favorite food and others. 

2- Pick a secured place, location, network for online banking

Well, other than online banking, it is advised you all through all length and width that no to use public Wi-Fi. Other than being unsafe, public Wi-Fi does not have genuine routers through which anybody can access their social account even. 

For online banking, it is advised to use a dedicated browser for banking only. Other than that, you can also use your mobile’s hotspot service for safe transactions.  

3- Install antivirus protection

As advised every time, install antivirus security for secure online process every time. And, most here it is monetary matters.

You should be double sure in keeping your data safe. So, run and update antivirus solutions. That will screen everything from checking your email from any bug to checking your browser.

4- Choose an account of 2-way authentication

Choose a bank that will provide with two-way authentication process. For instance, many banks includes providing an OTP or short unique codes each time you log in to the account or commence any online transaction. 

These codes are limited for a short time. So, the user needs to be very precise about his activity which also calls upon the genuineness of the online transaction. 


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5- Secure your computer and update it on regular intervals

After installing an antivirus in your system, you cannot leave it and sit back. You always need to check its subscription period and if case re-install it for seamless service without any fail. If you do online banking through a computer. 

You need to be double sure as there you also access social media. This may also include other information channels, handle in and help. With the help of antivirus protection, you can be double sure with it. 

6- Do not share your details with anyone

This is your banking details, you cannot share it with anyone. Remember, banks do not ask your details like phone number and email id. 

Apparent or fraud phone calls should always be barred from entertaining. Always used authentic secured and official page for login. 

7- Keep checking your saving account 

Always make sure to check your saving account as you maximum amount of money is saved over saving account. 

Always tally the amount which got transacted from your saving account against the amount which has been transacted. If you find any challenge, inform your bank in no time. 

8- Always sign out from your account after each use 

This will be profitable for your business to always log-out after every online transaction you have done. This process will not let any hijackers track or intercept your process, which is in midway or reached in the final stage. 

9- Avoid clicking through emails

Always avoid clicking links in the emails. This provides invites to the cyber threats. Not every email which you open in genuine. 

So, do not get lured with any such offers and deals that are sent through emails. No such email (other than wishing emails on birthdays and Anniversaries) is ever sent by any bank. 

10- Always set up ‘Alert notification’  

Finally, you can also talk to you, bank personnel, if they too have such features. This includes sending alert notifications on every transaction you have done over your phone or email id.

This will only be an authentic message by the bank which you can also cross-check through asking for entries in your passbook. 

Signing off

No matter how your bank agent will convince you for their official online banking process. You are no one to them if you get trapped in the honey-trap set up by the attackers.



Here, you need to be very careful on every activity of your bank details. This may include transaction to another account number.  Also, never forget to get your bank-passbook filled by the printing machine. Or concerned authority person to do the entries of the last dated transaction.



These are simple yet major points which will keep your bank details embraced at all times. Now, for banking authority, it is important to note that they should include antivirus security solutions. This may be within the channels of the transactions that are happening all across the globe.



For better and safe processes, you can also contact your antivirus security support. To get included in the process for providing the most secure and safe banking process.


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