Top 5 reasons to confirm that smartphones requires Norton Mobile Security

Top 5 reasons to confirm that smartphones requires Norton Mobile Security

Not flaunting your smartphone and using it as your most pious possession is important. Keeping your smartphones free from any malware glitch is the main concern. Choose Norton mobile security now!

There are more than, 2.71 billion smartphones in the world. And research conducted by Check Point has claimed that there has been a 50% rise in cyber-attacks on smartphones than of previous years. So, with the rise of technology, the rise of malware attacks have also seen rise leaving the smart usability crippled.


But, no worries. You can take the help of antivirus solutions for your phone too. Norton Antivirus Security provides with best of solutions for smartphones. As examined and researched by our experts. Norton mobile security has secured the first position. In providing the best possible solution for smartphone from any brand.


Norton combines this security with a well-designed app that doesn’t need a manual to understand. Well, the installation process is easy and it protects your device from all threats. Starting from securing your minicomputer alias smartphones from malware attacks. To keeping it shielded from any further attack. Norton mobile security is the best one to choose for your smartphone.


Let’s dig in for more, on which context Norton antivirus security will bring comfort for the users…

1- App scanning before installation

Of the best and top-most feature of Norton mobile security is that it scans your phone before installing any other app from the play store. Be learning, of the malicious inputs in the phone, you can avoid the trouble beforehand so that the installation process can be successful.  

This is one of the most exclusive form of antivirus solution. Norton antivirus security handles via its robust solution and framework. Starting from the time, you browse through the ‘Play Store’ for antivirus security. Norton will immediately start its analysis for any malicious and suspicious activity.

After scanning is complete. An alert will come up by Norton which will claim that whether the app is safe to install or not.


2- Anti-theft Protection 

It becomes a serious issue if your phone gets lost or gets theft. Storing all the important information. It includes passwords, email addresses, notes, and many other vital information can be tedious.

Keeping all such information protected is much needed in today’s life. Here, with the help of Norton mobile security, you can able to lock your mobile. Using a browser or a text message, you can lockout any intruder from your smartphone even it is not in your custody.

There is another facility like remote wipe. It allows you to remove all data from your smartphone using another device. Like remote lock, you can either visit My Norton or send a text message with your unique passcode to perform a remote wipe. You can even enable your smartphone to factory reset code that gets locked after ten unsuccessful attempts.

Another feature of Norton antivirus for phone is that it comes with a sneak-peak feature. It includes taking pictures of the person who has stolen your phone. This feature is also available through the website. There is yet another interesting feature that you can set alarm of ‘scream’ which will get triggered when you are searching and phone.

3- 100% detection of malware and viruses 

Norton provides with 100% detection rate. This statement confirms extending safe and secure feature. Even after your smartphone has detected any issue related to malicious activity. You can see and experience the truth and smooth functioning of the antivirus solution without any loophole.

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4- Extensive web security 

Norton is one of the giant antivirus provider which has stopped and erased any traces of viruses and malware from any device. Dealing from desktops to laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Norton mobile security is the ultimate choice because it deploy multi-layer security in the devices. It includes Wi-Fi-security, web protection, link guard, safe search, and Wi-Fi privacy.

5- App lock 

Norton mobile security allows you to create a virtual safe to lock-screen. It all embeds with security code like fingerprint, pattern or number (as we all have in our phones). Norton also suggest on which app needs protection.

Well, to use this feature of Norton antivirus security you’ll need to install an add-on app – ‘Norton App Lock’ (this is Free of cost).

Norton is the best option for android antivirus app right now

Yes, you read it right. Being one of the best runners in the race for best antivirus service provider. Norton claims to provide its most exclusive services hassle-free and with user-friendliness. 

You should acknowledge that mobile malware is thriving and evolving. Other malicious activities like tracking your device location. Using audio and video to track you. Diverting text from your message box, mishandling with the phone setting and more. These all are vital instances have already proved. How dangerous any virus and malicious attack can be.

So you need to be careful that no such incidence can ever harm you.

Stay safe and let us know if you have any query about Norton antivirus.

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