Top 5 tips to protect your all personal IoT devices with smart home security

Top 5 tips to protect your all personal IoT devices with smart home security

Nowadays, most homes have a digital device with which they spend time. Communicate with each other, ask any regular or even complex question. Asks directions, favorite recipes and even play music. 


Yes, you remembered right. 

I’m talking about those smart digital devices. That helps to keep you pre-occupied with long threads of verbal messages throughout. But, don’t you think that with the rise of cyber-attacks and data breach. Your house should also get clubbed with smart home security? 


Remember, they all are connected with the internet. Be it any device like smart TV, locks, cameras, central heating system. But, they can indeed make your home and other linked devices more prone to virus attacks.  


Have you wondered? IoT (Internet of Things) devices with the internet and other digital appliances. Those have greater opportunities to get drowned in cyber-attack? 


Yes, it’s true. You need to keep your home and other IoT devices out of all hassle. 

“We think about devices. Families think about people. If I can manage people-who is using what-it helps keep network secure.

Daune Paulson, VP Strategic Partnership, Fing


So, the bottom line of this learning: If you have a smart home, it too needs smart security. 


Let’s dig-in more. 

Top 5 tips to keep smart home security always active


1- Secure your Wi-Fi network and use strong encryption method 


Remember, how all we are stopped and warned to use public Wi-Fi at any bus, railway, metro stations, and even airports. Likewise, here too we need to be careful and double-check the wireless services as it is our personal. 


So, while installing your smart home security services, you need to take some tight measures. It includes strong encryption methods, like WPA2 at the time of setting a wireless network. This will also help to keep your network secured and safe. Adding to this, you can also keep your network’s name most difficult and more than eight characters. For instance OB VAN FOR TOM CRUISE, or any other as you may like.  


Here, you need to take care that through any instance. You cannot give attackers a loopholes to break through your private networking connections. 


2- Create two different Wi-Fi networks 


If your router can manage two SSIDs, then go ahead choose the process. For instance, global security strategist once suggested two different Wi-Fi networks. They said that one network can be for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Through which online banking and shopping happens. And another one for other smart devices. 


3- Disable unused featured 

While we all like talking to Alexa, Google home and other verbal home assistant. But, you need to take care of their unused features that you might have missed to disable. 

Do you know, your voice assistants also have microphone systems? This is one of the hazardous features of these smart devices. It can so happen that even if you are not talking. Your home assistance will record your words, keywords, phrases. That you must have used and keep on recollecting in its memory. Do not forget to delete them all. 

Ask the technician or the person in charge to install the device to turn off the voice control feature. So through this, you can keep your smart home security healthy. 


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4- Always check for software and device upgrade  


It is well-advised to keep your device and software all upgraded. So that no malicious content can ever hamper the working of your wireless network. You should always remember that every upgraded technology adds value to your security.


Now, updating your software requires applications. This may include many antivirus or any Windows defender or firewall. You can once compromise with a smart home.


But, cannot let down your security. Remember, every new software updation comes up with new features. This can also fixe bugs and security patches.


5- Keep firewall networking always on  

This is one of the basic forms of antivirus solutions for any personal space to include. According to Martincavange, ‘Every home with internet connections, should have firewalls. If devices require a wide-open access to the internet (to-from Internet)-Beware.’ 

Be Safe with Smart home solutions 

You must have heard the famous proverb in your school days. It runs like, ‘Feel safe in your den’. Same thing applies here. Your smart home security solutions should provide complete security and all should be updated. So, that no shortcoming can ever breach-through home network. 

You must understand the fact that you’re official LAN services are all wrapped by the assistance provided by the networking team. But, what about your personal space? You simply cannot let your data, credentials, and other information out in the open. 

Be it that, when you are away from your home. And, something unknown data activity happened from your system then? How will you face that? 

So, without any error, keep your all online data which you require for personal use all safe and secured. After all, it all has the credential of your name…. 

Let us know, how you liked this blog. If you have any query regarding this, you can contact our expert by messaging below. 

Be safe and enjoy your personal space. 


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